Friday, June 20, 2014

T2W7 Reflection

what: On Monday we had a man come to our school and his name was matoua Haddi. We learnt how to make things out of recycling and that we can't send to many things to landfill. On Thursday we made the things out of reused stuff. I made a piggy bank. On Wednesday we worked in the library for a change for two reasons 1. because of all the noise next door. 2. It was our library time. On Thursday we did some research of our country for Fifa world cup. My country is Belgium. We had to answer questions like what is your country's name and what is your country’s national food.

so what: I have learnt that Belgium's national food is fries. I have also learnt that at landfill you have these pipes because if you didn't have pipes underground it will explode!!! KABOOM!!!!

now what: I want to try and get more of my fifa world cup sheets finished. When we are working or reading in the library I will try not talk to the person next to me.

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