Friday, June 27, 2014

T2W7 Reflection

What: On Tuesday the 24th of June Room 2 walked out the back gate to go to the bus then we drove all the way to the museum. Once we got there we waited for a lady called Awhina. She led us to the Maori part of the museum. Then we went into the theatre. I learnt some stuff like what Maori people use to eat kiwis, pukeko and tuis. On Thursday we made some rakau sticks out of newspaper then we painted some paper to make it look them look like Maori rakau. But I wanted to do a regular one, so I just did. On Thursday, in the afternoon, we played this basketball game. First we had to run to the rock then we had to go to the far goal post then we had to go back to the court and do some squads.

So What: I now know how to play the basketball game and I now know some facts about my nation like the king of belgium is king Philippe.

Now what: When I play the basketball game I have to get involved and try to shoot the ball because all I am doing is just standing around doing nothing.

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