Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mysterious Water Experiment

Mug, Big bowl, Glad wrap, Water and a string or rubber band.

1. First put water in the bowl so it is halfway. 
2. Put a mug in the bowl full of water. 
3. Put glad wrap over so nothing can escape. 
4. Put a string/rubber band around the glad wrap so you can make sure nothing can escape. 
5. Put it by the window so the sun is shining on it.

After that:
Wait and observe it to see if it changes.

My prediction:
I think that the water will kind of evaporate and make the cup fog up.

My prediction wasn't correct.

The results:
The sun heated the water and it evaporated up towards the glad wrap. Condensation formed on the glad wrap. When the water vapour became heavy it dropped into the cup, like rain. (precipitation).
Image result for water experiment evaporation

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