Friday, July 29, 2016

Contract Creative Writing

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I could not believe my eyes. I was walking by the river when… (BOOM) a portal opened. Or was it? Seconds later I figured out that it was a black hole. The whole Wanganui River just flew into the black hole. People said the black hole has got loads of mountains, clouds and even the sky was grey. Professor Fink said that we needed the rain to stop the black hole. Everyone was confused but Professor Fink quickly explained that the black hole is like a bucket and if you fill up the black hole it will stop. Five minutes later people gathered all of the water they had and threw it into the straight hole from the Wanganui River. Professor Fink grew the sun with his growth machine. Five minutes later everyone could see the evaporation and a few water droplets. Once it got up into the sky it turned into one big giant cloud, it was as big as Jupiter. Once all that was done it really started raining hard, harder than normal rain. The rain filled up the black hole. The black hole puked everywhere because it was too full. It flew away never to be heard again. The whole of Wanganui had a party.

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  1. Awesome story Kainoa. What would you do if that really happened?